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Digital Feedback Loop

How to become an Intelligence Driven Organization

Organizations make strategic decisions because they reorganize the way they think and work around data. By turning this data into insight and understanding, they give employees a base to build from, and free up their time for creative thinking – to reimagine an idea, redesign a solution and take those leaps of imagination that define real innovation.

Think of this new way of working as the implementation of the Digital Feedback Loop. It starts with capturing information – or signals– from across your products, services, employees, operations and customers. With the help of AI, you can then analyse this information and use these insights to shape the ways in which you empower your employees, engage your customers, transform your products and optimize your operations.

Empowering Employees

An organization’s greatest asset is its people, and the Digital Feedback Loop can make them more feel motivated, productive and valued.

Through data analysis you can identify and automate inefficient processes and boost productivity. AI provides insight into what enables your top performers to work so well. More connected employee feedback processes help you monitor the wellbeing of your workforce, to better understand their priorities and pinpoint areas for improvement.

This results in more efficient, engaged and empowered employees that can take the business to the next level.

Engaging Customers

Customer expectations have changed. They expect brands to listen and respond to them, and they care about a business’s wider social purpose, from diversity to sustainability. The same can be said for government services and the expectations we have as citizens.

The Digital Feedback Loop can reinvent your customers’ or citizens’ experience as organizations can monitor in real-time how people use their products/services, and how they feel about them.

This enables you to respond to and even predict your customers’ or citizens’ needs, while automation tools personalize every interaction to create bespoke communications at scale. This builds much deeper relationships with your customers, who will feel engaged with, respected and catered to at every stage of their journey.

Optimizing Operations

The more you know about how your business is operating, the better able you are to replicate what works well and address areas that need improving. By implementing the Digital Feedback Loop, leadership teams can get accurate, up-to-date information about every aspect of their operation. With the integration of AI they can spot patterns, respond to changing conditions and predict both future opportunities and risks.

Utilizing the Intelligence Driven Organization framework to create a strategy rooted in data, and identify the right operating model to achieve it, businesses can harness every process to feed and support this faster, more innovative culture.

Transforming Products

For many businesses, innovation means reimagining the products they sell or the services they deliver. From blazing a trail and driving an industry forward to creating value and meaning in new and unexpected ways, this is the most visible way your digital transformation comes to life.

The Digital Feedback Loop allows this creativity to thrive. Data helps you better understand the people who use your goods and services, and AI-driven analysis can identify quicker, cheaper and more powerful production methods. By moving to a test-and-learn culture, new ideas can be developed, launched and improved with much more confidence.

This insight-led product thinking supercharges your power to innovate, to better serve existing markets and break into new ones.

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